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9 Best RV Park Amenities To Offer Your Visitors

Amenities To Offer

If you own an RV park, you want to make sure you’re offering the best amenities to your visitors to encourage them to stay longer and come back again. Here are 9 of the best amenities to offer at your RV park:


1. Free Wi-Fi

These days, everyone relies on having a good internet connection for work, school, and entertainment. By offering free Wi-Fi at your RV park, you’ll make it a more attractive destination for visitors. You may also want to consider offering free cable, as well, so your customers will remain entertained.


2. Onsite Laundry

Laundry can be a pain, especially when you’re on vacation. By having onsite laundry facilities, you’ll make it exceptionally convenient for your guests to take care of laundry needs.


3. Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great way to beat the heat and have some fun. It’s also a great amenity to have if you’re catering to families with young children. You could also consider having a hot tub for a more relaxing experience.


4. Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are a great way for visitors to enjoy the outdoors while remaining casual and comfortable. The tables can be used for picnics, games, or just sitting and relaxing in the sun.


5. Game Rooms

Game rooms are a great way to entertain your visitors of all ages. They can provide a much-needed break from being outdoors all day. You can have a variety of games available, such as pool, darts, air hockey, and more.


6. Playground

If you have young children staying at your RV park, they’ll need somewhere to play. A playground is the perfect solution. It will give them a place to burn off some energy while their parents get a break. Place comfortable outdoor chairs around the playground to entice the parents to sit and relax while watching their children play.


7. Dog Park/Area

Many people who own RVs also have dogs. Having a designated dog park or area is a great way to accommodate them. It will give their pets a place to run around and socialize with other dogs without bothering the other customers or damaging main lawn areas.


8. Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to create a community atmosphere at your RV park. It’s the perfect place for people to gather in the evening to socialize, make s’mores, and enjoy the stars. Arrange comfortable outdoor chairs around a large fire pit to build the area into a guest gathering place.


9. Convenience Store

If your RV park is located in a remote area, you may want to consider having a convenience store onsite. This will allow your visitors to get basic necessities without having to leave the property. A small store will also garner additional profits for your RV park. Consider offering local product or homemade food items, as well.

By offering these amenities, you’ll be sure to increase profits and customer satisfaction. So, consider each of these suggestions and make changes to grow your business successfully.