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10 Best Campground Amenities To Offer Your Visitors


When you own a campground, one of the most important considerations is the number and quality of amenities your campground will offer. Although guests like to believe they are “roughing it,” they appreciate and remember the amenities your campground provides. 

Here are 10 of the best campground amenities to offer your visitors:


Offer A Pet-Friendly Environment

One of the best campground amenities to offer is the ability for your guests to bring their pets. This is an important consideration for campers and sometimes the reason campers will or won’t choose a campground. Campers want to bring their furry friends along on their camping trip, so, of course, you’ll want to invite those furry friends to come along. Be sure you have some pet-friendly notes in place to help campers know the areas where pets can roam, where they can play on-leash and where pets might not be welcomed. Consider the needs of campers who would prefer to vacation without pets, as well, so you’ll be able to provide as much comfort and enjoyment for everyone as possible. 


Communal Campground Kitchens or Barbecue Areas

Another great campground amenity is a communal campground kitchen or barbecue area. This is a way for campers to build a sense of friendship with other campers as they enjoy prepping and cooking meals together. A campground kitchen or barbecue area also assists group campers who need to centralize their meal preparation or grilling for everyone. 


Restrooms And Shower Facilities

Of course, you’ll need to have restrooms at your campground and, if your budget allows, shower rooms in addition. Provide benched seating areas and hooks for clothing items, along with shelving for toiletries, mirrors for grooming, and additional electrical outlets for hair dryers. These are amenities that campers will especially appreciate after camping in a tent. RV campers will often use shower facilities, as well, to save water in their RV tank system. To guarantee your campers return for another visit, keep the restrooms and shower facilities well-stocked and sparkling clean. 


Swimming Holes Or Pools

If your campground has a swimming hole or a pool, this is a fun and relaxing amenity to offer campers. It’s a great way to beat the heat and allow relaxation for families. You’ll want to maintain your pool according to regulations and include a lifeguard if your pool or swimming hole is large. Keep all areas around the pool clean and safe and be sure to include facilities for handicapped campers. 


Movie Nights

One of the best campground amenities for families is movie nights. This is one way for everyone to relax and enjoy some family time, while providing a memory that will bring guests back to your campground. Provide a family-friendly movie and serve bags of popcorn. Keep a campfire going as the evening begins to chill and help campers roast marshmallows, as well. 


Fishing Gear & Favorite Fishing Places

If your campground is near a body of water, then you will want to take advantage of the opportunities to help campers go fishing. Provide fishing gear (or rent gear) and hand out maps that show your favorite spots to catch fish. Include lures and fish bait as special amenities for your guests. If needed, sell fishing licenses in your office as an additional courtesy for your guests. 


Stargazing Tours

Another great campground amenity for families is stargazing tours. This is a great way for everyone to learn about the night sky and see some amazing stars. Hire a qualified and kid-friendly guide who can answer any questions campers might have. Include flashlights for your guests in case the tour includes rocky or dark areas.


Board & Card Games

Camping is a leisurely way to vacation, so your guests will often have lazy afternoons spent looking for something to do. Provide card games or board games in an area of your office, or use part of the campground main area to set up tables and chairs. Load tables with games and cards, with the invitation for anyone to engage. 


A Long & Fast Zip Line

If your campground has the space, you will want to consider offering zip line rides. This is a great way for campers to get some exercise and have some fun. Hire certified zip line guides to help campers get fitted with zip line gear and invite guests to take photos of each other while zipping from one end of the campground to the other. Have the proper safety equipment and procedures in place, just for insurance purposes.


Specialty Classes

If you want to offer something unique, consider offering specialty classes at your campground. Consider classes such as: the art of paper mache, origami-making, fish-painting for kids, landscape collages, photography paper art, “Thrill of the Grill” cooking classes and other fun ideas. This is a great way for campers to learn new skills and have some fun. 



These are just a few of the best campground amenities to offer your visitors. When you’re planning your campground, be sure to keep these in mind to make sure your campers have a great time… and, soon return again.